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Character Creation Guide

A bit about player characters

Some things to keep in mind

In the Planescape setting in general, and this campaign in particular, developing a versatile, multi-skilled character is invaluable. While many 4E tutorials and pre-generated characters encourage you to build an “optimized” (min-max) character, the one-dimensional nature of these types of PCs will put you at a measurable disadvantage in this campaign.

While it’s not at all necessary to be a jack-of-all-trades, consider the variety of situations your character will encounter. Developing at least one specialty besides smashing skulls will give you more options (and possibly a source of side income), and all players who make sure they have the tools to roleplay effectively will come out ahead.

Building your character

Character Matrix

1. Begin your character Matrix

To build your PC you will need to develop 4 main components: your race, your class (specialty), your alignment, and your origin/backstory.

You can begin creating your character from any of these four points, depending on your interests and imagination. Perhaps you know that you want to play a lock-picking, nimble type; begin with the Rogue class, and then work out from there. If you want to explore the workings of a particular belief system or worldview (like everything works according to an unseen order, or the strong should help the weak), then you would begin with a suitable alignment (and possibly a deity associated with it) and choose a race, class, and background to support it.

Or maybe you have a great idea for a backstory like a daring escape from a wizard’s enslavement, a fall from grace (and associated enemies), being born under an omen of great importance, or another compelling idea. For this you would choose the right background info to fit your scenario, then add the other components afterward.

Complete the first 4 steps in any order.

1. Choose your race

Humanoids, Planars, etc

Character Races

2. Choose your class

Roles, prestige classes, manuals, Shadow restrictions

Character Classes

3. Choose your backstory

Character Origins
Character Backgrounds
Character Archetypes

4. Choose your alignment

Alignment Matrix

Character Alignments

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Character Creation Guide

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